Our Story

Hey Bee Lovers! 💛
Bees Mission was founded by Julie and Natalie, we are two college graduates girls, that became sick of corporations that didn't agree with our values and decided to create a company of our own. We quit our jobs, invested all of our efforts into this project, and we're never looking back. Help The Bees was created out of our love for nature and specifically bees.
Bee populations have been declining since the late 1990's, which is very troublesome due to bees being deeply connected with many ecosystems all around the globe. They pollinate 80% of all flowering plants, including almost all the crops we eat. The declining bee population is also a representation of a larger issue: the destructive effects that us as human beings are creating on nature all over the world. Nothing in nature operates without the help of other species; if the bees declining, so is the health of our planet. If we want to help nature, we truly believe we should start with the bees.
So how do we help? Help The Bees creates a buzz in the bee community by saving the bees using our art inspired designs. Our aim is to bring the cause to the mainstream and help raise awareness in places that would not usually be knowledgeable about the bees and pollinators. Our way of helping is we donate a portion of our profits to a variety of bee related charities to support their efforts in the attempt to save the bees. There are so many ways you can help as well, and educating yourself is the first step. Thanks for checking us out and let's work together to keep Earth beautiful! 🐝
Lots of love,
Julie and Natalie (founders and bee lovers) 👯‍♀️